Sailing and Boating Destinations in the State of Idaho

About Us

We are Jim and Kelli Larson. Sailing became one of our favorite pastimes in 1984. Our first vessel was a Vagabond 14, a fun little rig that taught us all about the art of sailing. On a little boat like this, you have to be sharp and ready to move in an instant if you want to stay dry! We would recommend to anyone who wants to start sailing to begin on a small boat, as it will hone your skills. When we were ready for a bigger boat, we moved up to a Catalina 22. It was an older boat, but in very good shape. It felt like a luxury boat to us. We could be hit by a gust and didn't have to dive for the high side! Sailing, at that point, became more of a relaxing endeavor and less of an aerobic activity. We sailed this boat for 6 years before we traded it in on a newer model 22 and remained happy Catalina owners until we jumped ship for a bigger boat. We opted for a Hunter 260, a larger boat, but light for it's size, due to the water ballast technology. This boat is remarkable for both it's performance under sail and it's level of comfort. We have spent more time on this boat than any of the rest. It is home away from home, even to our little sailing buddy, Alle. She's not much help, but she sure is cute and enjoys sailing. We love to sail and have our favorite places. Of course, there are the big water spots of the Caribbean and the San Juans, but Idaho has a few gems of it's own, our favorite being Lake Pend Oreille.

Feel free to e-mail us with comments or questions. We would love to hear about your experiences! Smooth sailing!

Jim and Kelli